How to Choose a Good Gaming Keyboard


How to Choose a Good  Gaming Keyboard

You must have all the necessary equipment to succeed as a modern gamer. You'll need a top-notch gaming keyboard to go along with your fantastic gaming setup if you have a high-end gaming PC and gaming mouse.

Technology has advanced significantly, particularly with the gaming industry's rapid expansion. Gamers today have a plethora of keyboard options to pick from to suit their own gaming preferences thanks to an overabundance of high-quality goods from various manufacturers.

What to look for when buying a keyboard 

There are several factors to take into account while choosing the right keyboard. You'll want to be certain that the keyboard you select meets your demands given the wide variety of keyboards available nowadays.

Different keyboards do various tasks. Do you like using larger keyboards when you play video games?

Do you value easy-to-reach keys and macros?

Or perhaps you're just a casual player who appreciates ergonomics and comfort.

Here are a few things to think about while selecting your new gaming keyboard.


Size of the Keyboard 

You may have noticed that keyboards come in different sizes. This is especially true of laptops, since the screen's size is what matters most. A keyboard is referred to as "full size" when it has 104 or 105 keys, including the number pad, entire QWERTY portion, dedicated function keys, and the four directional cursor keys. 

The most extended style, full-sized keyboards can be too big for your gaming surface. Because the number pad can feel like it creates too much space between the keys they use with their left hand and the space for their mouse, some gamers opt to go without it. On the other hand, if you depend on the number pad, 

Choose the full-sized keyboard if you can.

A "tenkeyless" size is the best option for you if you decide to forgo a number pad. All the necessary keys will still be present, but it will be much smaller and easier to handle. For the vast majority of players, the "tenkeyless" size is ideal.


The importance of comfort in gaming cannot be overstated. The majority of gaming keyboards include wrist supports, which prevent wrist cramps after long sessions of hard gaming.

Another characteristic you'll notice frequently is convenient key placements, such as rubberized WASD keys or the absence of the windows key next to the control key, which can be extremely disruptive if tapped in the middle of an intense gaming session.

What you want to do as a solo player is make a simple, traditional decision. Avoid wheels and enigmatic multimedia buttons that clog up the keyboard's appearance and raise pricing unnecessarily. 

Gaming Keyboard and Connection 

Both wired and wireless keyboard connections are available. The most popular type of keyboard is a wired keyboard. With these keyboards, you won't need to constantly check the battery level to ensure that the computer won't suddenly go dark and ruin your game.

There are two kinds of wired connection: 

1, The widely used USB slot: This connection method has a few downsides despite being widely used. If the USB bus became overcrowded with additional connections, you might encounter delays in hits, which would be the main problem. The second issue is that having a USB connection limits the amount of simultaneous hits. 

2, Better connections exist, such as the PS/2, but they are difficult to find because they are no longer in use. This connecting mechanism enables simultaneous impacts, producing a high response. 
You'll have more freedom to play the game wherever you want with a wifi connection, but you'll still run into problems keeping your device charged. 

 Gaming Keyboard’s Keys 

Don't skip on any factors while picking a gaming keyboard. The keyboard's design and functionality are directly related to the type of key material used and the hardware design. Low-quality keys will start to break after extensive use, and the labels will start to fade.

Keys are made of one of two types of plastic: 

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS Plastic, is the first. 
  • It's costly.
  • Not a rubbing off
  • It is durable and resistant to high temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
PBT Plastic (polybutylene terephthalate) is the second. 

  • It's light and of poor quality.
  • The characters fade 
  • Will melt in the sun after just a few hours  
In order to apply characters on the keys, a variety of techniques can be used:

Characters on most keyboards are printed, as you'll discover. They are affixed on stickers that are simple to remove. They have emerged as the most often used way of identifying keyboard keys due to their accessibility. If so, you can purchase a package of stickers to use in place of your current ones when they begin to peel.
These symbols have been laser-burned into the keys. These characters aren't always the simplest to read, even though they won't disappear for a while.
The paint is transformed into vapor and then injected into the plastic using the Sublime Print technique. This method of application results in a very robust outcome. 

various keyboard types

Mechanical vs. Membrane 

Membrane keyboards enable the adoption of tiny designs and are generally affordable to produce. A coating of silicone or rubber serves as both the electrical contact and a kind of spring. Although adaptable, membrane keyboards lack the familiar "click" sound, which might make it difficult to tell when you've pressed a key deeply enough for your computer to recognize it. The majority of gamers choose a different style of keyboard over the squishy sensation.

Traditional keyboards come in the form of mechanical ones. There is a specific mechanical switch for each key. As you type, you will hear and feel a strong "click" caused by the housings, springs, and stems of these switches. Depending on how much you want to feel, there are three distinct sorts of crucial switches with three different click patterns.

Most likely, if you're a dedicated player, you'll want a mechanical keyboard. They are the most lasting type of keyboard and are more accurate as well as providing better feedback. According to statistics, they can withstand 40–50 million clicks before needing to be replaced.

Customization and macro buttons on a keyboard

The customisation and macro buttons on a keyboard are the following thing to watch out for. The ideal gaming keyboard can provide you a slight advantage over your rivals. Some gaming keyboards have a series of buttons that may be configured to execute a predefined combination of commands known as an in-game macro. For instance, to activate a macro in some challenging games, you must first write commands and then use your mouse to click on an icon. When you add macros to a keyboard macro button, you can complete an activity by pressing just one key. Do you recognize the benefit? Having access to this feature is a tremendous convenience.

For even more personalization, mechanical keyboards let you swap out the switches that are located beneath each key. It is possible to have a softer spring under the WASD keys and a stronger click on the spacebar key.

Features for N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

Except when utilizing the shift key, it's uncommon to press more than one key at once when using a keyboard for regular tasks. In contrast, you constantly hit multiple keys simultaneously while gaming, and precision is important.

A certain amount of simultaneous presses can be handled by gaming keyboards. It is referred to as a "n-key rollover." The number of keys that can be pressed concurrently is indicated here by the letter n. The more that the keyboard can handle, the greater the "n" value. A high n-key rollover is essential if you play competitively or in games where two players are using the keyboard simultaneously.

Key ghosting is another issue that can affect standard keyboards. When many keys are pressed quickly or simultaneously, the keyboard may register a press on a key that was not pressed before. Even though it's not a significant deal for regular keyboard tasks, it might cost you the game when you're gaming.

In conclusion, you want a gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting capabilities and a high n-key rollover. Any less could lead to discouraging game sessions.

Keyboard Lighting 

Those gaming keyboards with eye-catching rainbow lights and special effects have probably caught your attention. The majority of devices come with powerful backlighting. Although it may appear that the lights are only there to put on a show, there is much more to the lights than simply grabbing the sight.
You can modify your keyboard such that certain light hues correspond to particular keyboard regions. This will make it easier for you to remember which keys are where and what they do. The more you can play quickly and precisely by using these lights as a guide, the more it will make a difference. 

The conclusion 

With all of this information in hand, you're prepared to select the ideal keyboard for your needs and those of your gaming. Even better, you can choose from a wide range of options from Patriot Memory. Look at this!

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