How to Choose The Best gaming headphones In Kenya


How to Choose The Best Gaming Headphones in kenya  

So today i need you to Know how you can get the best Headphones 

What qualities do you want in earbuds and headphones? Although there are a lot of models to pick from, your intended usage should significantly reduce your options.

Everyone values good sound, of course, but some people require a lot of bass, and others prefer an open, full-range rendition that stresses overall accuracy. We'll explore these and other considerations below, such as isolation, comfort, weight, portability, and fit.

Do you require headphones or earphones to connect to any type of portable device for casual listening? Or are you trying to find a pair of reference headphones that are suitable for use in a recording studio? You'll have the fundamental information you need to select the ideal model after reading the description of the many varieties of headphones and earphones and their uses that follows.

Understanding What Specifications for Headphones and Earphones Mean 

Listening to headphones is the greatest way to assess them. You can tell good music from bad music by listening to some piano or acoustic guitar songs. But two headphones with extremely distinct sounds will frequently have comparable specifications.

The pricing is perhaps the simplest and most useful specification. Quality and performance are typically closely tied to cost. Particularly if you desire powerful bass, driver size is a crucial specification. Typically, a driver's capacity to reproduce bass frequencies increases with driver size. Frequency range, sensitivity, and other specifications may be useful to educated purchasers comparing high-end studio headphones, but they are less useful to a less knowledgeable consumer comparing lower-end headphones. To make a better informed decision when comparing types, models, and brands, read our website's user reviews in addition to online professional reviews. 

How to Pick the Right Earphones & Headphones 

In general, more expensive headphones are required for important pro-audio tasks like recording and mixing. Having said that, there are plenty of affordable headphones with performance to fulfill the demands of musicians with small budgets and home studios.

Typically, portable mp3 players come with earphones, also known as earbuds or in-ear headphones. Consumers frequently swap them out for higher-quality ones that offer better comfort and sound.

Consumer-grade earbuds should not be confused with high-end in-ear headphones and earbuds used for important listening tasks like monitoring live performances.

We neatly group headphones and earphones/earbuds by these two primary applications to aid you in sorting through the various options

Flat vs. Sweetened Frequency Response 

You'll notice variances when listening to the same thing through various headphones that are partially brought on by "sweetening." Sweetening is the process of EQing the headphones to improve the audio quality of the music. To combat the natural bass leakage from the open back or ear canal, the bass frequencies may be amplified in various earbuds and open-backed headphones, for example.

The majority of consumer headphones are in some way sweetened for general listening. The two most popular sweetening modes are defined field (DF) and free field (FF). The first simulates an open listening space without reflection, while the later simulates a listening space that is contained, like a room. You don't want any sweetening at all for critical listening, such as monitoring a mix; instead, you want a flat frequency response that enables level comparison and exact level setting.

Headphone Types 


This style of earphone is available with an open or closed back. It cups your ear, hence the word circumaural. The phrase "over the ear headphones" is sometimes used to describe circumaural models. Their cushioning creates a seal around the ear. These headphones are frequently cozy, and closed-back designs offer isolation from outside noises and prevent headset sounds from escaping. DJs who need to hear music in noisy settings and for recording applications may consider a circumaural design. 

Supra-aural headphones

 are similar to circumaural headphones in that they rest on the ear rather than surrounding it. These headphones are typically lighter and more comfy. However, they don't isolate sounds as well as circumaural headphones because they don't seal as well.  

Open-back headphones

 also known as open-air headphones, can be circumaural or supra-aural but have an open back that allows sound to freely travel in both directions. They are not a good option for recording studio applications because they are non-isolating. For instance, if a vocalist uses headphones, the sound from the headphones may leak and be picked up by the microphone, affecting the final recording. They have a positive aspect that makes them suitable for general listening: an open, breezy sound that isn't taxing on the hearing. 


 As its name implies, this style of headphone lies somewhere between a fully open and a closed-back design. Even while there may be some sound leakage, it is less than with an open-back design. Semi-open headphones often provide an accurate stereo image, no distortion, and a long low-frequency response. When there are no open microphones to pick up sound seeping from them, they are frequently employed for recording.

closed or sealed

This type offers the best sound isolation because it is closed or sealed. The earpieces' backs are totally closed, and this, together with the ear's strong seal, prevents sound from traveling in any direction. This design prevents sound from leaking out and being picked up by microphones, making it particularly useful for monitoring in noisy areas and for use in recording. Since they frequently have a powerful bass response, DJs that mix dance music prefer them. The drawback is that prolonged usage of them may result in ear fatigue. 

Studio headphone packages

 It can be expensive to outfit a home or project studio with enough headphones to record a whole band. The majority of the time, each artist will additionally require a headphone amplifier to amplify and disseminate the mix signal. Musician's Friend has put together a selection of headphone packages that include various headphones with a headphone amplifier by working with pro audio headphone manufacturers. When compared to the price of the individual components, these packages provide substantial savings.

Portable headphones 

are open-air, light-weight headphones that are frequently used with portable players and have foam earpads. The headphones that come with players are frequently of poor quality, so you might wish to swap them out for better ones of the same kind. They are lightweight, which makes them perfect for physical activity, and the better ones have great sound quality. They are useful when hearing what's going on around you is crucial since they let you hear exterior sounds like that runaway garbage truck barreling toward you. 


 The lightest and most portable type of headphones are earbuds. They establish a seal inside the ear and fit snugly, isolating the sound so that only you can hear it. Given their tiny drivers, higher-quality earbud-style headphones deliver exceptional sound quality. However, some designs—particularly those that don't fit your ear canal well—can have limited bass response. A better fit in the ear canal is provided by a few models' detachable tips. 

Noise-cancelling earbuds and headphones

 As many commuters are aware, the degree of background noise makes it challenging to listen to music while riding in a vehicle, train, or flight. This can be upsetting to critical listeners since it obscures the subtleties of the music. To cancel out background noise, there are noise-canceling headphones. Utilizing phase-canceling technology, they do this. For cable-free simplicity and connectivity with computers and cellphones, certain models have Bluetooth technology.


When it comes to picking the best headphones, earphones, or earbuds, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Frequency response values, for example, can be misleading even though some specifications can be useful. Critical and attentive listening are indispensable. Finding the proper model requires not just research but also taking into account your intended use for your new headphones.

In order for you to order with confidence, we provide a generous, no-hassle return policy because we want you to be happy with your headphones or earbuds purchase.

We encourage you to call one of our helpful and educated Gear Heads if you're still undecided about which headphones or earphones to purchase.

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