Minion Rush - play online Free Download ,For PC and Android , Review Game

 Minion Rush  - play online Free Download ,For PC and Android , Review   Game 

It's time to venture out into the wild with the hysterically funny and vilely courageous Minions!

Minion Rush is an offline, always-enjoying infinite runner brought to you by Illumination, Universal, and Gameloft. Go through a variety of interesting settings while avoiding cunning traps, facing evil foes, and gathering a tonne of colourful, attractive bananas! 

Game Features 

Impressive Attire

The Minions' new objective now that Gru has turned the corner is to become the best secret agents possible! Thus, they've produced a tonne of entertaining costumes that don't just look cool but also have special abilities like boosting your running speed, snatching more bananas, or transforming you into a Mega Minion!

A Wide World of Minions 

You'll go through bizarre settings, such as Vector's lair, the Anti-Villain League headquarters, or the distant past. So keep an eye out—each site has its own special set of challenges to overcome. When you're ready, you can enter the Top Bananas Room to engage in an infinite running mode competition with people from all over your region or the entire world in order to unlock a tonne of rewards!

Offline Activities

You can enjoy the primary game features whenever and wherever you choose because all this fun can be played without Wi-Fi or an internet connection. 

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