Angry Birds Journey Best Game , Free Play and Download .


Have a wonderful Slingshot Adventure with the Angry Birds to find the Egg Marvels!

In this laid-back slingshot game, you'll fling birds with the slingshot, knock towers to the ground, solve puzzles, and save cute Hatchlings. Play the most enjoyable and approachable Angry Birds game yet to relax and unwind. Solve numerous other exciting puzzles and join fireflies with their soulmates.


 • Simple to play at any moment!

• Complete enjoyable and calming puzzles!

• Take on countless thrilling levels!

• Every level of casual enjoyment!

• Finish levels to earn coins and win fantastic prizes!

• Have fun playing with both old and new Angry Birds characters!

• Go on a huge trip and explore unique sites!

• Keep up with the Egg Wonders' story as it develops! 

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